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Pierre Roland Renoir

(Born 1958, Principauté de Monaco)

Pierre R. Renoir spent the early years of his life in Cagnes-sur- Mer. At the age of fifteen, he began to work on metallic plates using the dry-point engraving technique. He developed his own very personal technique and unique style.

In 1978, upset by his imminent immigration to Canada (where he moved with his family), Pierre destroyed all his previous works. In 1981, after rebuilding his portfolio, his first professional art exhibition was organized in Edmonton, Alberta. Encouraged by the response and appreciation of the public, he increased his showings throughout Canada, the United-States and Europe.

In 1987, Pierre moved back to France where he stayed in Essoyes, a village of the Champagne region, (where Aline, wife of Pierre-Auguste was born), and in Cagnes sur Mer, next to "Les Collettes" (Renoir's last home and now the Renoir Museum).

From 1990 to 1995, Pierre lived in Carmel, CA where he is still represented in the local galleries.

He had since moved back to Edmonton where he now permanently resides and pursues his artistic career.

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