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Vojkan Begovic

Vojkan Begovic

Montenegrin Painter
(b. 1964, Yugoslavia)

Vojkan Begovic was born in Belgrade in 1964. Since his youth, he has had a passion for art and has been intensely active in his artistic development. In the beginning of his artistic career, Vojkan studied painting under the tutelage of well known artist Vuko Radovic. He received his formal education at the University of Montenegro. Vojkan did much traveling and painting during this part of his life. He traveled the Four Corners of the World over a period of about 10 years.

Vojkan works in both oils and pastels, blending his colors to create softness in his pieces. He depicts a number of subject matters, from still life and landscapes, to figurative and nudes. Combining old-world subjects with contemporary impressionistic technique, he gives a modern appeal that is both innovative and commanding. Vojkan is an unusual mixture of yesterday, and today. He paints not only beautiful scene but also gives insight into himself through his brushwork and use of color.

The talent and charisma of Vojkan Begovic has made him a favorite among collectors. His works can be found in collections around the world.

Currently residing in La Jolla, just minutes away from the rocky shores and coves of the Pacific Ocean, Vojkan finds inspiration for his continued beautiful artwork.


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