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Henri Marre

French painter - Impressionist and Pointillist
Montauban 1858 - Collioure 1927

Les Moissonneurs (detail)

Henri Marre was born in 1958 in Montauban. He was a close friend of Henri Martin and as him, an impressionist and a pointillist.

In 1910, Martin and Marre, among other artists, went to live and paint in Collioure. His stay in Collioure totally inspired his paintings. He is mostly a painter of landscapes and of peasants scenes. He developped over the years his own pointillist style.

He died in 1927, in Collioure.


Musée Ingres, Montauban, France
Musée D’art Moderne de Collioure, Fonds Peské, Collioure, France
Musée des Augustins, Toulouse, France
Les Moissonneurs

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