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Paul Louchet

French Painter, Drawer and Engraver

Rochers Fontainebleau
sous la neige
Oil on board

Paul Louchet is the painter of winter, russet twilights, snow and cold weather. As Harpignies (his teacher, along with J. Lefebvre), he likes the forest and dissects patiently the essence of the trees, the contours of the rocks. As Corot, his sensitivity transposes the thousand iridescent variations of the light.

In his youth, Paul Louchet is not attracted by painting but by ornamental art. Friend of René Lalique, Daum and Jajorelle, he acquires a certain fame in the technique of engraving and becomes president of the bronze manufacturers' syndicate.

Environmentalist before the term was ever invented, Paul Louchet, who is the mayor of the small city of Herblay, in Seine-Et-Oise, makes virulent protests, with lawsuit thrown in (lawsuit that he lost), against the dumping of the Parisian sewers in the prairie of Achères. The typhoid epidemic that results will kill his 15 years old daughter. Distressed, he abandons his commercial business and administrative functions to find shelter in painting.

Of his tête-à-tête with nature, some delicate and secret masterpieces will emerge. They are all simply composed and bear the mark of a melancholic poetry: without any unnecessary glitter or pomposity, but with an exactness of touch and a deep sincerity in the art to harmonize the values of colors.

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